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Healthcare Staffing in Fresno, California

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, staffing shortages can pose a significant challenge. Haven Medical Staffing, a trusted provider of medical staffing in Fresno, California, is here to address this pressing issue. With a team of experienced health professionals, we provide the seamless addition your team needs.

Our mission is not just to fill a position—but to ensure the chain of care continues unhindered.

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Registered Nurses

Dedicated Registered Nurses trained to deliver superior patient care, ready to join your team.

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Certified Nurse Assistant

Our Certified Nurse Assistants provide crucial support, ensuring smooth operations in your healthcare facility.

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Medical Assistance

Professional Medical Assistants are skilled in managing administrative and clinical tasks in healthcare environments.

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International Healthcare Workers

A wealth of knowledge and skills is brought by our international healthcare professionals.

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We are committedOur Mission Statement

Haven Medical Staffing is comprised of experienced health professionals who are dedicated to bridging the people gaps in healthcare.

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